She's Turning Blue (rainkissed) wrote in wheniamqueen,
She's Turning Blue

Journal Layouts (x posted)

I was bored, so I made 3 Jack Off Jill Livejournal layouts.

I only took screan shots of them, so if you would like to use them I will e-mail you
the override codes that you need. These are made for 1024x768 Resultion. If you are using
800x600 or smaller these layouts won't work for you. If you want me to make a layout for you
feel free to ask. e-mail me at if you need any more info or want me to make
you something. With layout jack_off_jill_02 you have to changes a few things to make it work. And you will have to change the color for the links yourself, But I will explain that in the e-mail I send you with the code. That and you need to upload the pictures/background to your own server.



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